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We listen to the music and create imagery that transmits the emotion and message by translating the sound into visual storytelling. Contextualizing the song(s) visually will help deliver the artists' vision to the public. This will define the artist and music’s look and feel.


Our responsibilities include overseeing the broad visual development of a band, musician, or project, as well as directing the creation of assets like photos or artwork. Constantly communicating with the artists to ensure their vision is accurately brought to life by partnering with graphic designers, video producers, or photographers. 


- Develop the creative book that will align the visual representation of the project -

- Create mood boards that guide album artwork, photoshoots, visualizers, social content, and more -

- Manage the creation of those assets -

- Coordinate with other creative partners to maintain a consistent visual identity -

- Social media content ideation and production -

- Determine how to present photographs, animations, graphics, and other artwork to the fanbase -

We are a network of creatives, led by Estefania Kröl, dedicated to transforming musical concepts into captivating visuals. Working closely with artists, we build well-defined brands coordinating the aesthetic development, art direction and creative communication of specific campaigns. We are a one-stop shop for all creative visual needs, from ideation to execution.

"With extensive experience in both the music and movie industries, I've cultivated a diverse skill set as a visual director. This multifaceted role involves the complete process of breathing life into imagery, from conceptualization to execution, encompassing creative direction, design, and production. It's a 360-degree approach that allows me to orchestrate the visual elements of a project from start to finish, ensuring a cohesive and compelling visual narrative that resonates with audiences in both the music and film worlds.", Estefania.

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